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Woman murdered in luxury home in London

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArrynField:
    If the expectation is that everyone watches the news, there would be no need for anyone to post anything as the assumption is everyone has seen it.

    Knife crime is normally gang related and seldom happens to other people. London is still perceived to be safe, but knife crime can happen to anyone.

    The fact that a young female died raises security concerns for females living in London.

    Many Expats / HK’ers have family in London, hence may have security concerns. Are you safe at home? Are your family safe? Should you take further precautions?

    Meanwhile in a separate incident a few weeks earlier, an American university student stabs a female Chinese student to death in a house in South East London.
    In one of the articles the man arrested was known to the victim. In the other one they said it's highly likely they were known to each other.

    If you are looking to start a discussion on the safety of women, or Asian women living alone in the UK, then maybe mention that in the OP.

    I think there must be some more appropriate articles because these are not just random attacks. Or is it that she was in a luxury home that is the main concern?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shri:
    A Chicagoan killed in some bum fuck village in Japan will be news...
    I just learnt we can use 'fuck' without it being automatically blocked. Thanks Shri!
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