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Iran v Israel escalations 14/4

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    i saw someone commented on something similar.. on flights between china/usa. Because of the conflict, US/Asia flights by US airlines are not allowed to use the russian airspace, whereas China flights are. So US airline unions are protesting on the increasing number of flights from chinese airlines as the US are not able to compete on cost..

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    Quote Originally Posted by UniqueUserName:
    If Iran, Jordon, Iraq airspace is closed, how are flights from Hong Kong to London affected?
    If Iran, Jordon, Iraq airspace is closed. Are flights from Hong Kong to London affected?
    They're not. Flights between HK and Europe used to route North through China into Mongolia, then Russia and then leave their airspace around the Baltics or Belarus, and pretty much vice versa.

    Now all Western airlines and CX route through Tibet into the Stans > Azerbaijan > Georgia > Turkey (where you get GPS jamming on every single flight over the Black Sea area) and then on to their destination, and vice versa.

    The small Azerbaijan/Georgia gap is the only way through at the moment so any conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia and possible airspace closures there would cause another big reroute way South.

    The mainland airlines still follow the shorter old route over Russia, so they have an advantage. CX flights to Europe are now over an hour longer compared to before the Ukraine war.

    About a year ago CX resumed the polar routes back from Toronto, New York & Boston. This allows them fly north over the pole and down again over eastern Russia. They can't file any Russian airports as alternates though and pretty much the only time you would land at one is if you are on fire.

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