Has Jackie Chan been drinking again?

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    Has Jackie Chan been drinking again?

    There is an article in Sundays SCMP which says that Jackie Chan has said a couple of interesting comments at a recent forum. Maybe he is drinking again?

    "I don't know whether it is better to have freedom or to have no freedom," he said at the Boao Forum for Asia.

    "With too much freedom ... it can get very chaotic, could end up like in Taiwan."

    Chan also told the forum he would not buy a television made in China because he was afraid it might explode. Instead, he said, he would buy one from Japan.
    Yet another example of when actors should keep their mouths shut, as they are paid to act, not to speak.

    Someone may be able to post the original article, but here is comments from the article in an Australian news site:
    Jackie Chan: Political freedom leads to chaos | Movies | News.com.au

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    hmm..... is things happening as what he commented?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gozilla:
    hmm..... is things happening as what he commented?
    Perhaps... in another - parallel - universe.

    Love Jackie Chan's considerable contribution to HK film and culture and all, BUT recently, what comes outta his gob smacks of...

    (Exact word escapes me.)

    Ah, never mind.

    Seems the greyer some get, the more...
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    who cares what he has to say. he's just another ass kisser or shoe polisher.

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    i kinda agree with what he says... although i think he exaggerates slightly.

    quote 1:
    too much freedom will be chaotic - it would be anarchy and there would likely be looting, raping, rioting etc etc.
    although not like taiwan

    quote 2:
    China has hardly got a reputation for excellent quality standards and reliability with their electronics (or food). most of us would choose a Sony or Samsung over any chinese brand for quality purposes and would only choose the chinese brand for the price whilst compromising and accepting that it will probably break down years earlier.
    although, it probably would not explode

    maybe its just a case of his bad english (see Rush Hour 1-3)?

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    So people of the world want China to enforce stricter quality regulations for their products, want them to be more environmentally friendly, and basically make them enforce restrictions on what people can do in order to make a profit, but if Jackie Chan says the same thing, then he's an idiot?

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    It's a bit hard to get riled up by Jackie Chan's comments given that he's an actor. And especially in light of Donald Tsang's considerably more idiotic utterances on too much democracy being a cause of the Cultural Revolution.

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    Chan's always spouting off about something, and has a history of denigrating Taiwan's political system. A while ago he became a CCP lapdog and has become increasingly annoying since then.

    Personally, I find him and his "films" loathsome.

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    Conspiracy Theory

    All is revealed
    The reason why Chan went into deranged overdrive is to help out his buddy Executive Council Convenor Leung Chun-ying avowed leftist and possible candidate for Chief executive.
    By standing up for the HongKong people the probable
    member of the CCP gives the impression that he is a regular joe and gives a toss about freedom.
    Jackie never one to shy away from a stunt or two has already says his words were twisted.
    We will be hearing more from the slimy L C Leung as he builds up to the big 'my people are calling me to serve' speech.

    Executive Council - Membership of Executive Council - LEUNG Chun-ying

    the spirited defence
    Jackie Chan faces backlash over China freedom remarks | Sindh Today