Convict suspected of duping top court

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    Convict suspected of duping top court

    From the SMP
    'Forged papers' linked to quashed conviction

    Albert Wong
    Nov 08, 2009

    Police are investigating whether a jailed Nigerian drug trafficker used forged witness statements to persuade Hong Kong's top court to overturn his conviction for assaulting prison officers....

    (behind SCMP firewall so unable to link)

    Anyone else slightly confused by this article?

    In summary, the convict, Brain Hall, was initially convicted in 2005 of assaulting prison officers who had sought the return of his newspaper. That conviction was upheld on appeal in 2006, but this year in the final appeal case, Hall presented documents by witness statements that had not been disclosed earlier. The statements were made by prison officers and were in English. Hall's conviction was squashed. Now, police are investigating whether the witness statements were forged.

    What I find hard to understand is why it takes so long, and why there needs to be much of an investigation, as to whether the witness statements are forged. Surely it is just a case of asking the prison officers concerned if they made the statements or not?
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    And apparently they were statements written in English whereas the SCuMP story says the Correctional Services people write everyting in Chinese.

    So yes - you would think it would have been a straightforward 'Officer Fat, did you write this statement that this convicted drug trafficker and all round pain in the arris has just produced in court?'

    But apparently - not.

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    Officer Fat: "Well I can't remember, prisoner Hall gave me some medicinal herbs and it is all a bit of a blur after that."

    It is very weird I agree.