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    Question Hong Kong GoldCoast Apt.

    I went to gohome.com.hk and found the GoldCoast apartments that seem to be nice and has the right location for my family. Since we won't be there till Aug and have to move in right away. We can only send someone we know to check it out for us. What is your thought on this?
    Since we found the posting from gohom.com, do we still have to pay agent fee?

    Does anyone know what is the average price charged for furnished 3-bed rooms apartment on top of rent.

    Thank your for your help.

    PS, I tried to post questions for the agents but some sql error and won't work for me :-(

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    I am living in Gold Coast since 8 years, it is realy beautiful and easy to commute to anywhere. They have three sizes of 3 bedroom appartments and the price is following:3 Bedrooms

    895 s.f.
    1,138 s.f.
    1,372 s.f.

    Wether you have to pay a agent fee is depend who put the ad on the gohome website. if the landlord put it on the site, then you will not have to pay any agent fee, but the ususal 2 month deposit. if a agent put the ad on the site, you know, they not working for free. On top of the monthly rent usual you need to pay a management fee of 1200-1500HK$ per month. but you can try to negotioate. As i am running a renovation & decoration company of course i am able you take a look in which condition is your desired appartment. if you have any enquire you can send me an e-mail: [email protected]


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    Since we won't be there till Aug and have to move in right away
    I would recommend against moving in ASAP. Budget to stay in a hotel for a week or two and look around for yourself.

    Landlords are not likely to sign leases without your presence, unless your company is doing it.

    Also, you might be surprised at what someone in Hong Kong considers livable. We've gotten used to much smaller spaces and weird geometry when it comes to apartments.

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    How would one tell if the gohome.com posting is by agents or owners. The one I saw have company names as contacts, does it mean the company own the apts or the agents representing apt? How would one judge if the agents are trustworthy - do they need to have a valid licence? Are there any other sites posting apt rental besides gohom.com
    Thank you for all the help.

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    Centanet.com has apartment listings, from the Centaline agency.

    Renting apartments is far more common here in Hong Kong than it is in the US. But still, I don't understand why you're so eager to do this remotely. No one in their right minds can predict what would be available in August, so you're going to end up spinning a whole lotta wheels without getting anywhere.