Bit upset with Spca

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    Bit upset with Spca

    We found a great pup there this week and put her on a reserve. The kids bonded with her and we were very excited.
    The next day they called to tell us that parvovirus had broken out at the clinic earlier that week and if we took the dog and she got sick we would pay all the bills.
    So she stays where she is for now. We now wait to see if she gets sick and if another dog gets sick the waiting starts again.
    Why not mention before we played with the dogs and got attached to one that this might be an issue? No notices up anywhere about the possible problems for anyone playing with the dogs who might have dogs at home either.
    A bitterly disappointed little girl at home now and a fed up mommy too. We may have our doggy well and fit with the all clear although 2 weeks older, and two weeks longer in isolation. We may hear that the doggy got sick or died - fabulous.

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    I can sympathise with you, but in an institution as big as SPCA, it is hard to tell everyone everything.

    Generally parvo cases are put in isolation and the contacted premises thoroughly decontaminated, so the risk of taking parvo home is low.

    In addition, the parvo vaccine is very very effective, so most dogs at home should be covered.

    I know this does not help you a lot, but I can't see there is a lot that SPCA could have done different, apart from barring all visitors at the first sign of sickness... which would mean it would be closed for the best part of the year, as there is always something happening in such large kennels, just a fact of life.

    Be positive, you'll have your pup soon. Or if you're really keen take it home as is, and face the possible consequences if the pup gets sick.

    Best of luck!

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    I wouldn't worry too much - you'll have your dog soon. I think it is better that they tell you they want to make sure the dog is healthy before it goes to your home... Better than the alternative, having a sick dog with expensive vet bills!

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    Thank you for your replies.
    I know it is good to make sure we don't have a sick dog. BUT they could have told us before we bonded. "By the way if you do like a dog you can't have it".
    They did know already while we were there. I suppose these things happen though.

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    Sometimes it takes time for the management and Veterinary Surgeons to work out that a virus has broken out earlier.

    For example... if all the dogs that came in on Monday suddenly started to return to the clinic on Friday with vomiting and fever while you saw the dog on the Thrsday of that week; then they would retrosepctively conclude that virus had broken out on Monday (earlier in the week) ... 4 days after it actually happened.