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Internet in Lobster Bay Area / Mau Po Village?

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    Internet in Lobster Bay Area / Mau Po Village?

    Hi All

    We have recently moved to Hong Kong and are now looking to rent in the Clearwater Bay area, probably in Mau Po Village. One thing our agent mentioned is that 'advanced' internet is not available but 'normal' connections are fine. He couldn't quite explain it in detail hence my question to the audience here, if you live in the area, what is your internet like? What up-/download speeds can you achieve? Does it vary over the day?

    We are not planning on very extensive use but I'd like to be able to join work conference calls, use skype inc video fluently and download the odd movie or so from itunes.

    I'll try with PCCW as well but wanted to get some real life experience first. I also aread a 2014 post here about some connection upgrade but it wasn't mentioned where that went...

    Thank you very much

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    Clear Water Bay (In Da Jungle)

    1. Make sure that the place you are renting actually still has internet line available with PCCW, some recent people who moved to Clearwater bay, PCCW told them that there are no more lines available so they need to wait until one opens up.

    2. Depending on where in Mau po as I remember a group of expats managed to get PCCW to upgrade the lines so a bunch of them have 100M line while some others are stuck at 8Mb line but max you can get is probably 6Mb download on a very good day, if its raining pretty hard you can expect to have non existent internet LOL

    Try joining the facebook group called "Bayside Villagers" we are all quite active in this group, lots of people asking and answering questions, selling used stuff as well.

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    We live in Mau Po and don't have any trouble with the internet. I saw that PCCW had recently upgraded the junction box at the top of Yung Yung Road, so may be they have added more lines.

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    At least you are doing the right thing asking these questions BEFORE moving in. You wouldn't believe the amount of threads with people complaining about internet in the villages after settling in.

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