I'm looking for an apartment, please help.

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    I'm looking for an apartment, please help.

    Can anyone help me?
    I've been in HK for 6years but don't know Tuen Mun very well. My wife has just taken a job their and we are looking for an apartment does anyone recommend an estate agent? We don't have any children but want something over 550 square ft preferably 600. Our budget is 18k, are there apartments available for this price? Is it true they don't allow dog's in gold coast? Sounds bliss!!!
    Any advice about the area is very much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    No problem. There is plenty available in Cold Coast with your budget.

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    I live near Gold Coast - try Avignon or So Kwun Wat Village- nice small places there. What about Sham Teng - 15 min to Tuen Mun

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    The closest estate agents to Gold Coast itself are at the back of Aegean Coast (just opposite). Aegean Coast itself is also well worth considering.

    It depends mostly on individual landlords whether dogs are welcome - there are certainly plenty being walked all around the area!

    Is it actually Gold Coast itself, or closer in to Tuen Mun that you're looking at?