should I move to Sai Kung? Rent price etc.

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    should I move to Sai Kung? Rent price etc.


    I will be moving to Hong Kong in August. I will likely rent a service apartment so I will have a chance to explore a bit, however, I do have some questions about the Sai Kung area which you may be able to help me with.

    Firstly, I am wondering what kind of place I could rent for roughly 8000HKD/month.

    Secondly, I am curious to know how 'connected' with HK people feel in Sai Kung. I get the impression somehow that Sai Kung is not 'really' H.K. (maybe that's why people live there?). The reason why I ask is that I am currently living in a suburb of Shanghai, so I do not live in 'the city', because of this, I do not benefit from all the good stuff that city life has to offer here. Outside the city center here is much less developed, and there are few western amenities. Is Sai Kung like this?

    Thanks in advance,

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    actually Sai Kung has a fair number of expats living there, so I would think you'd have no well as a large number of locals so it's as 'real' as anywhere else...yes its a leafy garden of hong kong, no steel and glass towers, but there are many many places like that in hk....western food (if thats what you want) should be no problem, and there are a few pubs, and a public golf course nearby, and decent transport links to allof HK....some here who live there can give more details

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    Thanks for the reply!

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    Sai Kung although a cheap place to live you may want to look at Ma On Shan which is by far more accessible than Sai Kung unless you have a car.
    Depends what you crave for ; if you want to live in a close knit Expat community and the quite life then Sai Kung is great , but with a budget of HKD$8k you can get a reaosnable 2 bed place in Ma On Shan and transport to central / lan kwai fong ( bus 681 ) takes only 35 mins or by taxi $130 tops...
    good luck

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    I've been living in HK for 4 years and in Sai Kung almost 2. I must say that I feel much more connected with real HK than many of my friends who live in Stanley or in Mid Levels. They tend to stick together with others of the same nationality and live a more western life then I do. I try to learn some cantonese, eat and buy local food, go in tai Chi class with the chinese ladies. But well, it's easy to get some good western food in the shops and the restaurants. And there are a lot of expats living here. And the out door life is great!
    I seldom have to go to Central as we have all service here. So I think Ma On Shan is much more of a suburb then Sai Kung.
    Rgds, Anso

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    Sai Kung

    are you still looking for sai kung village house?