Geoepaters who loves arts and music and language

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    Geoepaters who loves arts and music and language

    Hey, I am a new comer here and will work in HK at least 3 yrs. I love arts, such like exhibitions and creative designs. Good at singing, dancing, Flexible gyms(like Yoga) and hosting parties as MC since I started getting involved in those in my early childhood, yet didn't make one of which into my career path. I am looking forward to meeting friends who have interest in any of those, as we can go out for movies, exhibitions, dancing parties, live bands, etc.

    I can also teach you some flexible gyms, very good for building your body shape as a charming lady, hehe...

    I speak fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese and basic Japanese, if you would like to exchange, let me know!!

    Hopefully I can start some fresh friendship here.

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    Hello, this is Nico, I love language though I am not so good at it. I think I am good at singing :P