Cantonese for work

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    Cantonese for work

    I grew up in the UK in a Cantonese speaking household but my Cantonese is a bit rusty and I often can't find the right Cantonese words to express myself. I would like to improve my Cantonese for life in and out of the office.

    Is there anyone interested in improving their English in exchange?

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    it also happens to me. I grew up in HK. have to speak english from time to time but i often find it hard to express myself very well in english. it is embarrassing. I can speak very fluent cantonese. It would be great if we can work on the language thing together.

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    hi, i'm also in same boat as chuki. i'd also be interested in cantonese <-> english exchange too.

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    Hong Kong

    Same as here......

    I'm 22years old girl from H.K ...hard to express myself very well in English.

    Hope can exchange and improving together!

    My e-mail:[email protected]


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    hi, I'm native Cantonese speaker and interested in the exchange to improve my English.

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    I also grown up in the UK so i can speak pretty native English and because i born in a Chinese family so i can speak native Cantonese and Mandarian as well...

    I am sure we could communicate perfectly in English and enhance your Cantonese speaking with me

    I am looking for a native English speaker to keep up my English
    PM me please if you are interested, thanks
    Happy Chinese New Year my dear x

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    Not sure if you can completely return the favor in terms of English put, if you like I can definitely help you with Canto @ work. I was born here and grew up in Canada, I started working here mid-late last year so if you like I can help you with your everyday cantonese!

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    Hi there,

    Nice to hear from you that you want to exchange english for cantonese. I'm a native cantonese speaker. If you're interested in practicing your cantonese, just PM me at [email protected]. I'm interested in enhancing my english.

    Thanks & see you.


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    I am happy to help. Plaese contact me at [email protected]