Language exchange: Mandarin for Cantonese

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    Smile Language exchange: Mandarin for Cantonese

    Native Mandarin speaker seeks native Cantonese speaker for language exchange. Meet in person (HK island preferred) or talk on the telephone. I understand basic Cantonese, but have difficulty in understanding fast speaking natives and speaking. email: [email protected]

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    Are u still looking for a native cantonese speaker?
    I am 42 years old woman want to find a friend really want to exchange language... i live in Hong Kong Island and we can talk by internet, mobile or after work, if we have same kind of interests , we can join and be a company. I like watch movies, hiking, swimming etc.

    I have attended some madarin classes before but my be i am afraid and lazy (or forgetful), so upto now can't use it properly. But it is need to use at work more frequent. Back to fews months ago, i had a roommate came from Taiwan. But i can't improve my mandarin too. May be the best way to learn a kind of language is stay somewhere that is their mother tongue.

    email me at [email protected] if u are interested.