My Korean for your Mandarin OR Cantonese

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    My Korean for your Mandarin OR Cantonese

    Korean Practice Group (Mid Levels area)


    I am a graphic designer, living on Caine Road. I am interested in learning Mandarin(or Cantonese; whatever I will get more invested from you) by practice with who are interested in learning Korean.

    Looking for anyone;
    - who are native Mandarin(or Cantonese) speaker and interested in Korean learning
    - based in Mid Levels for an easier travel
    - who are available during the day time

    To be FUN and productive, my basic strategy is;
    - building a small group of 5+
    - able to speak basic level of communication not being embarrassed
    - combination of one week text book & one week practice in real life
    (restaurant, coffee shop, watching soap opera, shopping, travel in HK island, outdoor activities like hiking, etc)
    - flexible time & location

    I took lessons in Mandarin twice last 5 years living in HK but it didn't work due to lack of practice in real life.

    I am enthusiastic in leaning Chinese language but I would like to go for more casual, PRACTICAL and fun approach, so more ideas are always welcome!

    If interested pls txt me,
    Thank you,


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    i m interested to set up an interest group in a group of 5-6 and meet up once a week, do you have existing group or do you wanna set up a group now? include me and my friend

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    im also interested and meet up once a week. Please kindly send me private message for more information thanks