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Girl from Belfast wants to learn Cantonese

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    Hi there!

    So you are from a nice city where titanic was built, I have been there once and I still remember the joke about what you people say, "it was good when it was here", right? :-)

    Oh, back to the topic, I am more than willing to learn some Irish and improve my English from hang out with you or Chatting through whatsapp , in return I can share (i won't say teach, Cantonese is a real hard language for people to learn and teach) with you what I know about Hong Kong, our culture, our language, you name it! You are welcome to ask me anything, I promise you I will answer you if I know the answer, and if i dont......I will make it up. So this is my email, danielleung314(a)gmail dot com cheers. :-p

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    Quote Originally Posted by supergirl:
    honestly when it comes to accents in non native countries

    it's an humliation and discrimination

    just like when both of you speak perfectly english

    i have never heard an indian or singporean would laugh at irish ?
    Let me be the first to laugh at you... when taken in the right spirit I dont think its humiliation... embracing differences and having a laugh on it is not discrimination.

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    see u're so popular first of course in hk

    practising english is hard and secondly

    you're a girl

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    welcome to hk! i'm a local hk-chinese, native cantonese speaker. would like to meet new friends from other areas. if interested, dropped me a line. have a great day!

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    I am local Chinese,native cantonese speaker, cannot say "teach", but we can share interesting stuff, which take place around us, my email tehal @ ymail dot com

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    i prefer girls from dublin more mate

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    Hi supergirl What part of town are you lving in? As Cantonese is a tough language to learn, but you should be able to get a few phrases so you can get by in your daily life, like taking taxi, ordering food, etc.. I am local here and I reside in kowloon side, let me know if you want help [email protected]

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