1 and 1 Mandarin and English exchange

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    Red face 1 and 1 Mandarin and English exchange

    This meet up is for Mandarin and English speakers, 1 on 1 exchange with native speakers.

    This event is free, but we will meet in a coffee shop, so please buy a cup of coffee or something.

    All proficiency levels are welcome. Welcome Mandarin beginners and more Mandarin native speakers.

    As a Mandarin speaker, if you want to practice English with native speaker, join us.

    As an English speaker, if you want to study and practice Mandarin, join us.

    About me,I was an IT programmer before, but now I'm a Mandarin teacher. I come from Mainland China. My Mandarin is certificated level 1 Grade B(一级乙等). I also have a Master of Arts in Teaching Chinese as an International Language degree. I can speak Cantonese fluently. I really like helping people to learn Mandarin.

    Two hours of 1 on 1 language exchange:

    First hour(7:00-8:00): English

    Second hour(8:00-9:00): Mandarin

    Time: Tuesday
    Place: Central

    Here is the link, you can join us on it.

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