Tour Guide service in exchange for Language exchange and much more

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    Tour Guide service in exchange for Language exchange and much more

    I'm trying to plan a visit to HK for Christmas and maybe New Years.

    I hoping to find somebody that will want to act as tour guide.

    I like to see as much a KH as possible. I would also like to see as many Christmas related activities available in HK as well. For example, when I spent Christmas in Shanghai, I attended the Nutcracker Ballet with my tour guide.

    I hoping the tour can be friendly, pleasant, and talkative. I hope the tour guide can have many meals with me including Christmas Eve dinner which can typically cost over $100 USD. So I hope these meals can be pleasant experiences.

    - I will pay for activities
    - I will pay for all food
    - I will provide a lot of English training

    Extra benefit:
    - If we build a friendship and you should every travel to Beijing, San Francisco, or Silicon Valley I will be glad to show you around and help you in whatever way I can.

    About me:
    - American who has been living and working Beijing for over 6 years
    - I work as a Computer Engineer
    - I'm well educated, well read, well informed, and have knowledge many areas include art, history, science, etc
    - My Mandarin is not too good and will not likely get me very far in HK

    BTW, if you know of a better place for me to place this advertisement, please let me know.

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    Cantonese is the main language in Hong Kong, rather than Mandarin. English is widely spoken. It is easy to get around without a guide if nobody responses to your 'advert'.

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    I'd volunteer to be your tour guide, except, I am not a local hong konger, came back from canada several months ago..So I am not familiar with any special Christmas events and such. Maybe you can try posting this in the "English speakers meet up" thread? I am positive some people from the group speaks Cantonese as well : )

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    There are some events for celebration of Christmas in Hong Kong, you may have a look on the following website: