My native French for your native Mandarin

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    My native French for your native Mandarin

    I am a native french speaker and looking to improve my Mandarin. I have been learning for 2 years. I have materials to teach French or we could just have conversations in French. As you prefer. Just let me know. Alex

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    Hello, Alex! Glad to e-meet you I speak fluent Manadrin and really interested in learning French. I still have the book that helped to improve my Mandarin speaking. Let's share with each other

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    I am beginner for French, grrr, moving forward very slow, I am Chinese in HK. Email me to [email protected] if you are still interested in language exchange.

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    Salut!I 'm a native Mandrin speaker, living in HK for 15 years. I lived in Paris for 2 years, that was long time ago, I need to practice more.

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    I'd like to learn some conversational French Please let me know if you are free