My French/Spanish for your Chinese mandarin

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    Talking My French/Spanish for your Chinese mandarin

    Hello, My name is Floriane. I am French girl 29 years old and I used to work in Paris for 4 years. I also speak good Spanish because I lived in Barcelona for 6 months. I study Chinese mandarin for 5 years but not have many opportunities to practice since. So I would like to practice my Chinese with someone. I would better appreciate if you are coming from mainland but people from Hong Kong are welcoming too. Do not hesitate to contact me. I live near Sheng Wan.

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    Hi Floriane,

    Not sure if u have already found your language exchange partner.
    My name is Cynthia, I would like to learn other language (Spanish/french), and I am happy just to speak english too.
    I am from Taiwan and I speak both native mandarin and Cantonese.

    You can add me on whatsapp to start with : +61412826357


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    Ni Hao Floriane

    Hi, I am Chun, local. I speak fluent Mandarin. I would like to practise Spanish mainly. I need to go to HKU 3 days a week so Sheung Wan is not a problem. If you haven't found the right language partner yet, feel free to contact me at 65450094 (whatsapp).

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    hola, soy Trista, hablo nativo cantonese y ingles muy bien, estoy aprendiendo espanol y me gusta practicar mas. quieres cambiar el idioma? 60963840

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    Hi, are you still in hong kong ?
    Please contact me via whatsapp : 5332 8001

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    Hola Floriane, are you still looking for language partner. Please feel free to add my number if yes: 96580504