Mandarin and Cantonese (language & culture) exchange

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    Mandarin and Cantonese (language & culture) exchange

    Hi there!

    I'm a native mandarin speaker in Hong Kong for 6 years+. I'm looking for a native Cantonese speaker to improve my speaking through discussing different walks of life in HK.

    If you wanna improve your mandarin speaking or writing skill, including daily conversations, public speaking or copywriting, you are looking for the right person:) My mandarin is very standard with a clear sound and I've been a part time language teacher for years in HK.

    I'm looking forward to exchange language through discusssions. I hope that if you like to read newspaper and to think about questions. Friends from finance, business or social media or IT industry are preferred.

    I really hope that through 2 hours' learning each week, we can improve our understanding of culture and better the language skills. I will not disappoint you as a study partner.

    My current availability is weekends (afternoon) for the moment. PM me if you are interested in this kind of learning. This post is available till finding a suitable study partner.

    Best regards

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    Hello Joyce,

    I am a native English and Cantonese speaker, currently working in a Chinese company in Hong Kong, and am looking to practise (and hopefully improve!) my business and conversational Putonghua.

    I would be available to meet up most afternoons on weekends (starting tomorrow if you happen to be free).

    Do let me know if you would be interested!


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    dear joyce,

    i would like to exchange language for my english to your mandarin

    best rgds,