My Native (British) English for your Mandarin

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    My Native (British) English for your Mandarin


    31 year old software engineer from North London, been living in HK for 5 years and recently started learning Mandarin. Wanting to have a real go at it finally... Doing online lessons and private tuition through my company, but also I'd like to meet in person with a native Mandarin speaker once or twice a week to speed things up a bit!

    In return, I can offer any assistance you want in the English language, written or spoken. I write business proposals to US and UK colleagues and clients on a daily basis, and I often conduct business presentations face-to-face too.

    Ideally we could spend an hour or 2 a week, splitting the time evenly between English and Mandarin.

    PM me if anyone is interested.


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    Hi Dean,
    I tried to PM you for 3 times but every time when I hit the send botton, my message disappeared and has no sent record left. So I’m trying to use this “post quick reply”. You could contact me 66063370 WhatsApp

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    Hi Dean,

    I am a native Mandarin speaker and got Mandarin A-level certificate in China. I have one-year Chinese language teaching experience in Hong Kong. If you have textbooks I can teach you or just practice speaking and daily conversation.

    In return, I would like to practice my English, in particular, I'd love to learn British English accent. Also, I am looking for a job in Hong Kong. So maybe you can help me with my cover letter writing.

    You can add my Whatsapp 65840660. I look forward to your reply.