Anyone who can speak fluent English?

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    Smile Anyone who can speak fluent English?

    My name is Iris. I am a 24 years old Hong Kong girl. I want to improve my English speaking skill. I would like to find a language exchange partner who is around my age. I can teach you Cantonese and Chinese characters in return. I honestly want a serious language exchange. Otherwise, I am willing to recommend good restaurants and share the delicious food with you. I am able to show you good places in Hong Kong if you want. Please do not hesitate to send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you soon

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    Hi Iris! I'm a 25 year old female from Canada and am interested in learning Cantonese, in exchange I will teach you English. I will only be in Hong Kong till September 6th but can meet as often as you like in order to improve your English quicker.

    Let me know if you would like to arrange a meeting time.

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    May I join you ? I am french and I would like to improve my english too !!

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    Definitely! If easier I can also arrange individual times. My schedule is wide open. I can always brush up on my French too.

    Stefpierre, what are are you living in?

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    I'm 28 and I teach English for a living. I would like to work on my Canto and would love to learn some Mandarin. I speak a little Cantonese already, but I need to learn more, and I can't write ANY Chinese.

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    I wanna join

    Hi to all the guys here in this thread specially to Iris. I'm a Filipino and living here in HK for more than 4 years. Can i join your group for possible time schedules. I can share my English skill and would like to learn Cantonese as well as the character writing. Thanks.

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    Hi Caper! Nice to meet you! I would like to do a language exchange with you. I am going to send you my msn by PM. We can arrange the meeting time later. Thanks!

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    Hi Jay! It will be my pleasure if I am able to help you with Cantonese and written Chinese. I am going to send you my msn by PM. Please check this out and tell me when you are available for the language exchange. Thanks!

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    Hi Caper!

    Please ignore it. I cannot delete this message

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