Japanese language courses/schools for expats

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    Japanese language courses/schools for expats

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any Japanese language schools and/or courses in HK that are offered for expats (i.e. meaning the teaching language is English)

    I know of only one: The Japan Society of HK. Unfortunately, they only offer courses taught in Cantonese, which I am still learning as well. When I called them to inquire about information, they told me that the lessons would be pretty hard to understand if my Cantonese is not up to par.

    Or does anyone have any first hand knowledge as to whether any of the universities offer evening language courses for "non-degree" seeking people? (Although I'm sure the tuition would be pretty high....)

    Of course, my preference would be to find a private tutor, but I just want to check out the pedagogical/cost benefits of actually taking a course.

    Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.


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    japanese course CD

    Hello, im traveling to HK in april 2007.
    I'm attending some expos and will be staying 30 days longer to enjoy china.
    I'll be very happy to meet people in advance trough this forums so then i can meet them in person again in my trip.

    I bought on ebay a very nice japanese course on CD, from rosetta stone.
    if you're interested please contact me via email.

    I live in venezuela.
    I'm buying a course for mandarin for learning some before i depart.