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    Building in Sichuan

    Come and join us in one of the most worthwhile projects out there. My team have been allocated a July 11-15 time to go to Sichuan, China to help a small village build new houses/schools, destroyed by that massive earthquake last year. We are going as part of the Habitat For Humanity charity.

    We are in need of additional volunteers to help us on those days. The plan is to fly to Chengdu from Shenzhen on July 11, build for 3 days (July 12-14), then perhaps visit the Panda sanctuary on the 15th before either flying home (if you're in a hurry) or taking a cross country train (Chengdu to Shenzhen) which takes 31 hours and will cross some amazing scenery.

    Volunteers need to donate $3,800 (adult) or $2,800 (below 18 years) that will be spent on building materials (bricks, cement etc) as well as taking care of his/her own transport, accommodation and meals. Don't expect this to be more than $3,000 all in.

    Please contact me (Rob) on 94620765 if interested. In this year when greed has reared its ugly head and been found wanting, come and help us do something that will cleanse the soul and hopefully be an experience of a lifetime.

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