Time to meet!! 26th Dec?

  1. bullfrog
    Hey boardgamers!
    After being taken out of my cryogenic beauty bath and before having to get back in I'd like to organize a boardgame day to recover from the family overload that this period typically brings.

    Who's in for an afternoon (and maybe evening?) of games on the 26th Dec?
    I would say that WhatIsCafe is again a possible venue but I'm open to other proposals.

    Please kindly followup here to let me know if you will come or not so I know the size of the party.

    Game ON!

  2. bullfrog
    Bump... did everyone go back home for Xmas???
  3. 3rdCKnessa
    Hi. I might be good with Dec 26. I'm staying in HK for Xmas for once. Which board game are you thinking of?
  4. bullfrog
    Hi there!
    Glad I'm not the only one stuck in HK for Xmas (yeah, selfish basterd, I am!).
    About bg, we could do pretty much anything... in the past we just swarmed into the place and picked up whatever we decided to play on the spot (but good also if some people decide to bring their own).
    I'm more for the "brain crushing" style of games but I'm good also if we decide to go for more relaxed ones, like Bang!, Carcassonne, Settlers... honestly it has been so long since I had the chance to play that I would say yes even to a Monopoly!! @[email protected]

    Anyway, this is the place: WhatIsCafe

    Meeting time: about 2.30pm
  5. gdamania
    26th is no good for me. 27th I could do.
    Try posting in the forums to get more ppl.
  6. bullfrog
    Sorry to hear you can't make it. 27th is tough for me, actually... but nothing forbids you and others to meet up on the 27th as well!
    But thanks for the suggestion: I've posted on the forums as you said. Let's see if anything moves.
  7. bullfrog
    Only about a day to go and only one person possibly available... that's not much for a boardgame day.
    At this stage, and to avoid to be the only one at the place as it happened before, I'm calling off this event as it seems most people are either busy or away from HK. I guess will try again when it isn't holidays time. If you want to meet up only in a few for a more private event, feel free to ping me on PM.

    Btw, I did post on the forums but seems the msg must be approved by an admin... and in after more than 24h it hasn't appeared on the forum. Tough luck.

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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