June gathering?

  1. Gigglewater
    Hello everybody.

    Sorry I haven't organized anything the past few months, but hey...it's SUMMER!! Time to bring out the boardgames, dice and cards~!! Here's the proposed gathering information:

    Date: Saturday June 18th, 2011
    Time: 2pm - whenever (Also open to suggestions)
    Location: "What is Cafe" in Yau Ma Tei

    NOTICE:There is a minimum charge of $60 per person...which isn't too bad if you have dinner with a drink, you get to $60 without a problem...OR if we have a large enough group, they seem to disregard the minimum charge (or so I've noticed the last 2 times I've been there)

    There are many games to pick and choose, but if there is a game you own and really want to play and share with others, please feel free to bring the game with you. The cafe is more than happy to provide you with a place to play.

    Feel free to message me or post here if you are interested in joining, or have any questions in regards to the meetup.

    Ciao for now
  2. CaptainDashenka
    I'd be happy to join!
  3. bullfrog
    Hi GW!
    Welcome back!

    I'll be away from HK that weekend so I'll have to pass.
    But I am available for games this long weekend... I'm planning to head to WhatIsCafe on Monday 6/6 afternoon (TBC... depends who is willing to join).

    If anyone want to have a go during this weekend to "warm up" for the middle-June session, please PM me!
  4. Gigglewater
    Monday sounds like fun.....Details Bullfrog???
  5. bullfrog
    Uhm... didn't I say "PM"?

    Anyway, me and Dashenka are planning to head for whatiscafe at 2pm.
    I'm not sure if I've still your mobile, GW, but of course you're welcome to join us (and you know the place quite well)!

  6. CaptainDashenka
    Are we on for this saturday?
  7. Gigglewater
    Hey Captain Yup~! Still going on Saturday
  8. Gigglewater
    If anyone showed up at 2pm or just before, I would like to apologize. The staff did not show up on time for their shift and the café's doors did not open until 2:15. If you showed up and left because of this, I apologize for the staff's tardiness. Thank you.
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