Boardgames in July :)

  1. Gigglewater
    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in some board games and card games next weekend (23rd or 24th)?
  2. bullfrog
    Hey GW!
    Sorry I didn't see this one.
    I'm available to play this coming weekend if you or anyone else wants to play!
    30-31 july works for me!

    Let me know!
  3. CaptainDashenka
    I'm good this weekend too!
  4. bullfrog
    Awesome! Anyone else? Anyone else???
  5. bullfrog
    So, I don't see any more replies... let's set for meeting up at WhatIsCafe at 2.30pm on Saturday 30th?
    We'll play whatever is suitable for the amount of players we will end up being!
  6. bullfrog
    Ok, it turns out it's only Dashenka and myself... considering what it takes for me (and him too!) to get to YauMaTei I won't join this time.
    Thanks for trying!
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